Carbon Neutral Manufacture of Corrugated Board

This project, McLaren Packaging Circularity, could not have come at a better time!

Mercorr has teamed up with Corrboard Bioenergy, Corrboard UK, and McLaren Packaging to provide a unique circular economy service to UK businesses.

Corrboard UK is a corrugated sheet manufacturer that has commissioned a new food waste plant at its site in Scunthorpe, called Corrboard Bioenergy.

The food waste plant receives food waste from UK based businesses. The food waste is then processed using a biological process called Anaerobic Digestion; This breaks down the food waste to produce a nutrient-rich biofertilizer that is used by local farmers. Furthermore, the food waste plant also produces renewable energy in the form of biogas, that is used by Corrboard UK to produce new corrugated sheets!

And lastly, you guessed it...

McLaren Packaging makes use of the carbon neutral board to produce your new packaging!

Circularity at its best.