Waste Producers In Birmingham

It has never been easier to connect with companies that produce waste in Birmingham

Stay competative

Mercorr Connect provides you with analytics to manage your pricing and improve marketplace success

Increase win rates

Our waste marketplace connects you with local businesses in and around Birmingham. therefore, increaing you win rate

Reduce Overheads

Minimize overheads by connecting directly with decision makers who are activly looking to change their waste service provider

How Mercorr Connect Works

So, you process waste? And you've come to check out Mercorr Connect

brilliant, you've come to the right place! By using Mercorr Connect you will be connecting directly with different waste creators in your area. You will be able to quickly identify waste suitable to your business and bid accordingly


Subscribe and get yourself set up on the marketplace


View waste in your area and search for the categories of waste you can process


Bid for different waste streams you'd like to win contracts for


Wait for the creators to choose which company they would like to work with


Connect directly with the creator online and set a schedule with them based on the prices already agreed


Collect the waste and add the new customer to your database


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