10 reasons why you should recycle your waste Oct. 12, 2020

10 Reasons Why You Should Recycle Your Waste

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The true meaning of recycling is to “convert waste into a reusable material” – and clearly there are a whole heap of benefits that come with making your waste useful.

The first recorded instance of recycling can be traced back to Japan in the year 1031, when private estate owners built paper mills and re-pulped old documents to create new batches of paper. So, nearly 1000 years ago people were recycling, yet there are still millions of people all over the world who haven’t fully embraced the idea of recycling in their everyday lives. Today, in 2020.

We’re not suggesting for one second that this might include you, but on the off chance that you’re not pulling your weight when it comes to getting the most from your waste (and, as we said, we’re not suggesting that at all), you might want to check out the 10 reasons below as to why recycling is the only way forward.

1. The landfills are overflowing and we’re running out of space.

Just like your bins overflow if they have too much in them, so too do our landfills. With increasing populations, longer life expectancies and the rapid rise of the ‘throwaway society’, our landfills are almost at breaking point with the amount of waste we are producing. In fact, studies show that our landfills could be full as early as 2022. And where in the name of all things rubbish will our waste go then? We have got to act now.

The true meaning of recycling is to “convert waste into a reusable material”
2. It affects your health.

Since we’re talking about full landfills, do you know what the gases and chemicals released from landfills do to our health? We’ve all heard of air pollution caused by cars and other transportation, but have you ever stopped to think what happens when we condense all of our waste into one area? The smell might be pungent, but the harmful air that comes with it can be almost deadly.

3. Climate change isn't a myth.

Greta Thunberg might be a new name for most of us, but climate change has been a very real threat since long before the teenage activist was even born. Greenhouse gasses cause air pollution which is slowly melting our icecaps. The less ice we have on the planet, the hotter it becomes – and it doesn’t take a climate change expert to know that, if the whole planet continues to get hotter every year, we’ll eventually just be living on the sun. We don’t mean to be dramatic (or make use of an incredibly shameless pun), but that would not be cool.

10 reasons why you should recycle your waste
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4. Our wildlife will love you for it.

When you recycle, you reduce the need for us to extract new raw materials from the Earth. We’ve heard the stories of rainforests being cut down for paper, but there are reams of ways (oh, the puns!) in which extracting new materials can have a hugely detrimental impact on our eco-systems. Remember that word used to describe the clever stuff plants do to stop us inhaling too much carbon dioxide? You know, the one that none of us could pronounce in primary school? Yep: photosynthesis. Well imagine if we didn’t have any plants or trees left. Dismal, isn’t it?

5. Water.

ALL THE WATER. Recycling saves water – and loads of it. Gallons and gallons; trillions of gallons. Extracting raw materials requires water and it’s not water we can just keep giving up, especially when the pollution created by landfills sites also has a detrimental impact on the water we do have.

It takes 75% less energy to make a bottle with recycled plastic than it does to make one from raw materials
6. We need the jobs.

We always need jobs, but right now we really need jobs, and the UK recycling industry currently employs hundreds of thousands of people. And, as with any industry, the higher the demand for a product or service, the more manpower required. This means the more people that get on board with recycling, the more jobs that will be created. It’s just a no-brainer: recycling is great for the economy.

7. Peer pressure goes a long way

One person cannot change the world, but if you do something positive and your friends and family follow, one person can very quickly have a colossal impact on their entire network. If you make a point of recycling and encourage others to do the same, you will find that, without any reason for them not to recycle, many will follow the lead of others doing good around them. We know your teachers told you not to give in to peer pressure, but this time you’ve got a pass to do so!

Recycling a ton of paper saves 4000KW of energy – that’s enough to power an average household for a year.
8. Your kids are watching you.

You might not be here in years to come when the lack of recycling has a real day to day impact on people’s lives – but your children and grandchildren (and their grandchildren!) sure will be. It’s up to you to encourage change in your children’s habits and behaviours from a young age, and it’s not good enough to just tell your children about it, you have to lead by example. By incorporating recycling into your household waste routine, you’re showing your children what is expected of them. The earlier they learn, the more natural it will be to them to continue with recycling activities as they grow up.

9. It saves energy.

It takes 75% less energy to make a bottle with recycled plastic than it does to make one from raw materials and recycling a ton of paper saves 4000KW of energy – that’s enough to power an average household for a year. Saving energy means reducing the amount of raw resources we need to use to for power, and that means we’re not demolishing eco-systems to get to those resources. It just makes so much sense.

10. It doesn't cost anything.

We’re not even gonna elaborate here. It’s good for everyone and it doesn’t cost you anything, and if that doesn’t encourage you to recycle, we’re honestly just baffled.

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