Mercorr Connect

Manage your waste daily in the most sustainable way possible

Who uses Mercorr Connect?

We designed Mercorr Connect for anyone who produces, transports or processes waste. So, pretty much everyone!
Waste and Recycling Services
Waste and Recycling Services
Waste and Recycling Services
Waste and Recycling Services
Waste and Recycling Services

Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels...

From food waste through to general waste. From glass bottles through to napkins. Mercorr Connect can make sure you are using the right waste company everytime.

Outlets, Super Markets...

It is the year 2022. Your customers want sustainable products. Use Mercorr Connect to demonstrate how you direct your waste to its best environmental outcome

Factories and Storage...

Large quantities of waste goes hand in hand with manufacturing. Use Mercorr Connect to keep your waste local, reduce pollution and monitor your carbon footprint.

Butchers, Bakers, Candlestick makers...

You are the bread and butter of our high streets! You might not produce as much waste as other industires but every little helps. Mercorr Connect can help you save money and stay accountable.

Call centres, Head offices...

Getting your staff to recycle their waste in the bins beside the printer may seem like a chore. However, your hard work is not in vain! Mercorr Connect makes sure the waste you produce is directed to its best environmental outcome

Main Features

Mercorr Connect has been developed to connect those who produce waste with those who move waste and use waste


First of its kind online platform for connecting the world of waste


Easy to use platform. Maximum output with minimum input


Digitizing the world of waste - no more paperwork


Visualize your waste data like never before. Spot trends and patterns quickly and respond accordingly

Best Environmental Outcome

Mercorr Connect will always opt for the disposal option that achieves the best environmental outcome

Fit for purpose

Mercorr Connect has been designed, built and implemented by waste professionals for the waste sector
Waste and Recycling Services

Save time and money

Mercorr Connect has been designed to make you as productive as possible
  • Focused on waste
  • Reduce pollution
  • Support local businesses
  • Increase recycling
Waste and Recycling Services

Why Mercorr

Mercorr connect is here to connect communities to create a less wasteful society

Revolutionizing the waste industry

We have digitized waste management services in a convenient online platform

True value

We deliver real value to our clients by connecting them with local organizations to achieve the best environmental outcome for their unavoidable waste

Waste management - a better way

Mercorr Connect is a first of its kind platform to connect producers of waste with those who move and use waste

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